I’m Back* – Because SHE’S Back

I took this blog offline for awhile because I wasn’t maintaining it. I was working out but not logging it here or discussing it here. I didn’t want yet another abandoned blog on this theme sitting around.

And maybe I was having some problems dealing with my injury and age and all while focusing on my inspiration from 27 years ago (TODAY!) who was herself, at that point, trapped in that time and age. I knew the new movie was coming and she’d be in it, but there were no word from Linda Hamilton herself or any photos or anything.

Until then there was!  And she’s swole! as the kids say or buff! as my generation said. dailymailphoto1

I remember the first time I saw a photo of her for Terminator 2  27 years ago just before the movie was released.  I remember the first time sitting in the theater and seeing her pump out those chin ups and then near the end pump that shotgun single handed!  It changed my entire focus for working out and this photo has done the same as that first photo did. I am glad to see it but I do kind of hate that it’s going to be so much longer between seeing this and getting to see her in action in the movie than it took way back in the day when I hadn’t even heard of the movie being made until mere weeks before.

Still I am totally RE-INSPIRED!  I am hoping to start actually blogging here. Or, you know, just post photos as they get revealed. 😉

*I do have to note that I can’t promise I’ll stick around.


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