My Current Workout plan

Honestly, I’m not as lazy with my workout as I am with posting anything about it here. While I make notations of what and how much I do in an old fashion paper log, I just hate the idea of copying it down here in a way that can be understood by anyone else. So I figured I’d just give the basics of what I’m doing right now.

I follow some of the basic strength training protocol of doing 12 weeks of training and 2 of active rest, during which I continue cardio and stretching along with other activity that engages my muscles but not weight lifting.   Then back on.

I also keep 48 hours between training a muscle group. As I train harder I actually do most focused stuff only once a week, well, you’ll see it in  my split. You “tear” muscle up training, you grow them resting. That’s why the “rules” are not to do strength training of the same body part two days in a row, some of us might even need more time.  It takes 48 hours for your body to heal in between, some talks longer especially when you’re training hard. I work my upper body differently for most of my training cycle, as I am a relatively hard gainer. The harder it is to gain, the more rest time you need, which may seem to contradict but is true. Rest days also help prevent injury. Cardio doesn’t require a day in between, although one day off a week seems to be recommended if you’re training hard, nor does stretching which really should be daily. I run at least three days a week, walking on others, and often don’t take an actual rest. I have a dog who wants to be at least walked every day, anyway. I try to get in a long hike most weekends.

I focus on free weights, mostly dumbbells but some barbells (for powerlifting and Olympic style lifts I obviously use barbells) and body weight. I have a pretty nice set up at home. I have been working on putting together an obstacle course, which is mostly a running course but I’m adding some upper body stuff inspired by American Ninja and that sort of thing. I run it on some run days and am full body days. I will

First week: I do two sets of each upper muscle group twice a week and lower body twice a week on another day.

Second week: I do 3 to 2 sets same split, doing more sets for larger muscle groups, if I’m ‘feeling it” I might even do 4 for some by the second day.

Third week: I split arms and shoulders from chest and back, doing abs both times, I also do some pull  ups and push ups on arm/shoulder day because those are things I am trying to get good at.  I increase sets to 4-5 depending on body part.

Fourth to 12th week: I increase my sets up to 6 sets for each muscle group, but vary how many through this period, so I have some “easier days” and some “harder days.” I also vary exercises each time (including varying hand positions for pull ups, even if I like chin ups best for obvious reasons, and push ups) and the order I work muscles.  This time around I am throwing in a “full-body” day where I do powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting style lifts, but for multiple reps, especially the latter which are moves I might never be safely able to do heavy enough for single reps. And do obstacle course which includes some climbing for back work.

So current average week looks like:

Monday: Back, chest, abs, run or walk

Tuesday: Run

Wednesday: Powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, abs, legs, obstacle course, walk  or short run.

Thursday: Run

Friday: Arms, shoulders, pull ups, push ups, abs, run or walk

Saturday and Sunday: one day is a leg and run or long hike day and the other is usually a rest, maybe a walk day.

I decided to add the competition style lifting because I wanted something new and because I actually am kind of interested in powerlifting as a sport. Whether I’ll ever be healed enough to really compete is questionable. Especially with bench pressing as I can’t arch my back the way one does for that. The obstacle course is being made to add variety and work on and test functional development.

So, that’s all I can think of to include at this point.



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