Why am I doing this?

Because more than two decades ago I saw this and wanted to be Sarah Connor. Or at least look like her and be able to do this.


I never got there. Oh, I did a chin-up or two, but I think I was too invested in looking like Sarah Connor that that wasn’t enough and I kept losing interest when I failed to suddenly be Linda Hamilton but was still just me. But able to do a couple chin-ups. I forgot that the excitement was in the doing and not how I looked.

I’ve had an on again-off again thing with fitness since then. But as I am now officially middle age and was feeling sort of more old than middle age the past couple of years, I got re-inspired again recently to take it more seriously.  Especially as the internet started to buzz about the Wonder Woman movie this year. So I again got more serious about fitness a few months ago and did almost start a blog then. If I had it might have been titled “Project Wonder Woman” or the slightly more humble “My Amazon Training Program. Honest, I thought about both titles.

However, no sooner did I start to get into it than I had an accident which injured one of my arms and my back. I am recovering, but it certainly took the feelings of being a nearly immortal superpowered Amazon right out of the picture. It makes more sense to return to a role model who was not a mystical warrior from the start but just an ordinary woman who built herself into one. Especially as Sarah Connor came back to my thoughts when Terminator 2 returned to a few theaters in 3D this August.  I admit that I had some second thoughts due to James Cameron’s attack on Wonder Woman, which I thought as ill thought out. I don’t really like a man telling me I am not supposed to love both movies. But as I do it’s Sarah I love, and Linda Hamilton, not Cameron. And now it seems that Linda Hamilton is returning as Sarah Connor. And is in training again herself.

After my injury, kept my cardio and lower body work going for awhile but as it became clear my upper body was out of commission for longer than I had hoped and I realized how extremely weak my upper body was becoming, far more so than I have ever been in even my least active periods, I just gave up. I have started physical therapy and with that I did start walking again but that has been all I have been doing. So as I start this fitness blog based on an icon of upper body strength my only upper body exercise will me physical therapy until I am cleared to start lifting. I am told I should be, but will need to take it slow when I do. This time I am also going to work to set aside my desire to look like Sarah Connor, especially a young Sarah Connor, and more on being able to not just do those chin-ups but also a lot of other things that Sarah Connor obviously could do.

Which is another reason why Sarah Connor is the role model I need right now, because she was a survivalist. And a fighter. She was prepared! Her strength wasn’t just for show. The current political atmosphere is, frankly, terrifying. Racism, sexism, homophobia, out right Nazism is open and out of control with the White House occupied by someone who is the biggest bigot there is. This was part of why Wonder Woman also has such power for me and many women today as well. But Sarah prepared for the apocalypse and suddenly that seems like a good idea to me too.

As soon as I am able to I will be taking self-defense classes including a women’s firearms class. I am also looking into preparing in other ways, as things get worse. I wish I had done all this years ago.

So I hope to use this as a log of my journey.  A method of accountability.